Lens Certification Marking

As of 1st August 2011 all Cerium Visual Technologies Precision Tinted Lenses, prescribed from those Specialist Optometrists who offer Intuitive Colorimeter assessments, will be provided with a certificate of authenticity marking.

This will be a small marking on each lens. This marking will not in any way impair vision and will in fact only be visible when moisture, such as breath, hits the lens. The marking fades as soon as the moisture fades.

This marking proves that what you have received from your Specialist Optometrist is an authentic product designed from validated medical research.

All patients will also receive, from their Specialist Optometrist; a credit card sized personalised certificate and an individually packaged lens cloth for the care of your lenses.

If you receive lenses without the marking it may mean that you have not received an authentic product from your Optometrist.*

If you feel this is the case please do not hesitate to contact us.

* Please be aware that if your received your lenses before August 1st 2011 they MAY NOT have the marking.