Patient Precision Tinted Lens Prolonged User Panel

Patient Prolonged User Panel

Professor Bruce Evans (Director of Research Institute of Optometry)
Professor Arnold Wilkins (
Emeritus Professor University of Essex)
Professor Peter Allen (Prof. of Optometry & Visual Science
Anglia Ruskin University)

  Are seeking volunteer patient research participates to create a database for a

Prolonged User Panel

The purpose of the Panel

There have been several research studies to investigate visual stress but, as with many other conditions, there is a need for more research to better understand the condition. One way of studying visual stress is to investigate people who are believed to have the condition and the Prolonged User Panel has been established to facilitate this.

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The International Institute of Colorimetry (IIoC)

·           Is not conducting the research nor storing any data.

·           IIoC has no liability or responsibility regarding the information provided nor the research to be conducted.

·           Any concerns should be taken up with Professor Evans.

·           IIoC is simply passing this information on to practitioners. It is up to the practitioners to obtain their patients consent for this research, and make a decision if this is suitable for their patients